“Salvation for a race, nation, or class must come from within. Freedom is never granted; it is won. Justice is never given; it is exacted. Freedom and justice must be struggled for by the oppressed of all lands and races, and the struggle must be continuous.”

–A. Philip Randolph

Vision & Objectives

Our Vision: Empowering Girls

While we support education for all Maasai children, our vision is that Maasai girls progress into secondary school; that they are able to read and write in the national languages; Swahili and English, as well as their own language, Maa; and that they are empowered to make wise decisions about their futures.

To realize this vision, we have established the following objectives:

  1. To provide educational opportunities for Maasai girls and overcome the historic underrepresentation of Maasai girls at all grade levels;
  2. To empower Maasai women through culturally sensitive adult education and sustainable social and economic development;
  3. To promote computer literacy and provide basic skills to young Maasai women to prepare them for a competitive job market;
  4. To promote the maintenance and preservation of Maasai cultural heritage.