“Salvation for a race, nation, or class must come from within. Freedom is never granted; it is won. Justice is never given; it is exacted. Freedom and justice must be struggled for by the oppressed of all lands and races, and the struggle must be continuous.”

–A. Philip Randolph

Our Schools

MCI-Built Schools

MCI has built two schools for girls – The Fred Baron Maasai Girls’ School, a day school which enrolls 150 girls, ages 5 through 12, and Mara Hills Academy, a boarding school that enrolls 100 girls, ages 12 through 18.

The Fred Baron Maasai Girls’ School, established in March 2008, is located on the northern border of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Southern Kenya. The school provides educational opportunities for 150 Maasai girls between the ages 5 and 12. Since first opening, the school has grown to include seven classrooms, a computer lab, a kitchen and two teachers’ cottages. 

Mara Hills Academy, located near our headquarters in the Indoyion Oloip area of the Maasai Mara game reserve, is a boarding school that enrolls 100 girls, ages 12- 18, at a time when most Maasai girls are preparing to get married and raise a family. MHA’s goal is to graduate confident, well-rounded young women who are armed with the tools they need to make good life choices. The school’s academically rigorous liberal-arts program covers history, literature, math, science and several languages.

Local Schools that We Support

MCI also supports three regional schools – Njanga Olo Losgero School, Enkongu Narok Village School, El Kurot School – through our feeding program, tuition assistance, and academic and technology support.

Njanga Olo Losgero School

Enkongu Narok Village School

El Kurot School